Bittersweet Beginnings – Old Town, Alexandria


Alright, so one of the bittersweet aspects of living the military life are the people you meet along the way (the sweet part)….the bitter part comes when you have to tell the people you have grown to know and love “goodbye,” or as we like to say “see you later.”  The thing about military life is that the only people that REALLY get and understand the life are other military families because they are living the same positives/negatives, struggles/excitements, mishaps/celebrations you are…essentially.  With all due respect, there are things that happen in this life that no one else will truly understand unless you are living it…such as an entire crate going missing in a move, a family member going TDY or deploying, etc.  These connections make a friendship so special because you find those people that truly understand the life.  Anyways, more on the struggles and excitements of the military life in a later post.

This post is a little different. It is more informative focusing on places in Old Town, Alexandria to go eat or grab a drink.  The reason for this outing goes back to my original explanation of a bittersweet event.  We went out with another couple that we became best friends with and we were celebrating our friendship as well as them moving on to begin a new chapter of their life.  As much as we did NOT want to say goodbye, we are so excited for what the future holds for them.  We hold on to knowing that we are certain we will see them again.  So…if you’re ever in the area or live here, read on for a short list of places to go in Old Town, Alexandria.

Old Town has A LOT of history.  During the day, you can purchase a “Key to the City,” to visit various museums such as the Carlyle House, Apothecary Museum, The Tavern (where George Washington would dine), etc.  I will do a separate post on some of these places later or PM me if interested.  We went to several of these places when some hometown friends came to visit about a year ago.

Our evening out in Old Town, Alexandria started at Blackwall Hitch .  We did have reservations but arrived early for a couple of drinks on the patio.  It is located near the water next door to Chart House.  Chart House is a beautiful view of the water and has wonderful drinks as well.  There is a ferry from this area that you can hop on and ride to a Nationals baseball game and/or to National Harbor as well.  After leaving Blackwall Hitch, we stopped by one of our favorites Virtue Feed & Grain to grab a couple of drinks.  I got an amazing watermelon flavored cocktail at Virtue Feed & Grain.  We just sat in the bar area but if you want to eat then definitely make reservations.  After leaving here, we stopped by an Irish pub for a quick drink then moved on to Fish Market.  Fish Market was a fun place to land on with live music.  There are SO many places to hit in Old Town that it can be almost overwhelming.  I will post about others as we land upon them.  Off the top of my head, we had fun at another Irish Pub on a different night called Murphy’s Pub.  It is a little more of a loud, party, live music scene.

Overall, it was a fun night to say “Cheers, to a wonderful friendship!”

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