Resiliency Doesn’t Come Easy

PCS season is upon us. We are not moving but many are this summer.

Last year, our girls really struggled with the move. They were very emotional for quite awhile. People would respond with saying “They’re resilient.” I knew in my heart they meant well but I couldn’t figure out why it bothered me.

I realized that it made me feel as though their feelings were invalidated or not considered. It seemed easier to just say they will push through instead of consoling them and letting them know they are safe and it will be okay. Letting them know that it is okay to be emotional bc adults have the same feelings and just don’t always show them externally. Letting them know that they are brave and special bc God didn’t choose all kids for this journey but he did choose them.

So if you see a military family moving this summer…

Instead of: They’re resilient.” Say: They’re resilient but that must be hard.”

With mental health issues on the rise in our precious kiddos, it may be time to start paying some more attention to their words and emotions. These little hearts are taking on a lot of changes.

2 thoughts on “Resiliency Doesn’t Come Easy”

  1. You are such an amazing writer. I hope you write a book. I want to come to your book signing.
    I’ve never liked the word resilient. We have family members that use it. People need to realize kids have big feelings that need to be acknowledged.❤️

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