Pre Race Prep


Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Miler Prep!

So…we signed up for the Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Miler awhile back thinking it would be a “spring” run.  Well, mother nature had a different plan and the temps will be in the lower thirties at the start line.  Because I am a fair-weather runner and normally do not sign up for cold races, I went into full on panic mode trying to get the cold weather gear I might need for tomorrow.  We have learned that there are a few extra steps required to run a race in the DC Metro area.  The following are advanced and prior day prep:

Finding a sitter —  You wouldn’t think that would be hard, but not everyone enjoys getting up at 0500 to watch kids.  After checking with two sitters, third times a charm and we got our sitter (while dropping a few extra bucks)!  Check!

Parking — The metro is no longer open as early as we need to get to the race so Uber/Lyft or drive along with 15,000 other runners plus volunteers in addition is the plan.  So we got on Spot Hero and reserved our spot.  Still nervous about timing with road closures and traffic (but, $15 well spent). Check!

Water, water, water — I try to drink a lot because morning of I keep it to a minimal so I’m not having to constantly run to the beautiful porta potties.

Carb load —  Of course, any race gives you the excuse to carb load night before.  This might be my favorite part.  Last race, we got Bertucci’s to-go and plan on doing the same tonight!

Get gear ready —  I make sure I have all my gear laid out and ready night before (including headset charged).  Because, the weather took a cold turn, I had to run to Dick’s Sporting Goods for last minute cold weather gear yesterday.  My list includes: ear warmers, tank tucked in, long sleeve half zip shirt, vest, long running leggings, compression socks, gloves, Flipbelt, bluetooth headset, and 2 packs of GU.  Oh, and my running bib, of course!

Thanks for reading and good luck to ALL that are running!!!

**Shout out to my sweet friend Mollie!  She is a seasoned runner and I’m constantly bothering her for running tips whether it be wardrobe or training related!

**Any tips on keeping my pony tight welcomed bc I chose to skip on the hat (I ALWAYS run with a hat) and wear ear warmers instead!



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