Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Race


This race is on the list of  25 Iconic American Races That Aren’t Marathons by Runner’s World.  If you get selected, run this race!  It is a lottery so you aren’t guaranteed a spot but definitely worth trying.  This year, it was FREEZING and cherry blossoms hit peak bloom the day before the race.  Luckily, the blossoms survived the freeze and we got to run under an umbrella of beautiful cherry blossoms!  I was pretty proud to set a PR for this race at 1:23:48!

Some tips for running this race:

  1. Pay extra to get medal — This race is a lottery, you are not guaranteed entry.  The medal cost an additional fee, but I recommend paying fee because I was devastated when I realized my husband didn’t purchase us a medal after finishing the race.  Although, I was told you can go online and purchase one, which I am totally going to do!
  2. Dress — Check weather and dress appropriately!  It was SO cold!  I wore a vest with pockets, which was perfect because I ended up sticking my gloves and ear warmer in my zip up pockets around mile 6 or 7 instead of just tossing them along the way.
  3. Take pictures — Around mile 7, I struggled a little to get my phone out and take a picture, but it was SO worth it!  Remember, that umbrella of cherry blossoms I spoke previously about? That’s when I took my pictures.  This race starts and ends at Washington Monument so it’s a perfect area for a photo op!
  4. Treat yo self — Go treat yourself to brunch afterwards!  We got out of DC and made our way back closer to home in Springfield where we went to Maggiano’s, who has an amazing brunch menu.  In additon to our food, we got the perfect post run brunch trifecta — coffee, water, and a $2 mimosas.
  5. Parking — Get on Spothero to reserve parking place prior to race.  We left Ft. Belvoir around 0600 and first wave started at 0730. We had plenty of time to park, walk to start, check bag, use restroom, take a few pictures, then get to our wave with a little time to spare without feeling rushed.


Thanks for reading!  This was our second race on the list of 25 Iconic American Races That Aren’t Marathons with the other being the Army Ten Miler.  It was definitely another packed race, but fun!  Alright, my little just brought me “The Giving Tree” to read to her so farewell until next post!