April: Month of the Military Child


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The military child.

When you hear those three words many things might come to mind…possibly the kid that showed up to school in the middle of the school year, the child you never got to know because they moved right after school started, the homeschooled kid you met at church that took awhile to open up to you.  These children possess so much more than what some may realize.  They are a definition of sacrifice, determination, strength, courage, resiliency….. and they possess all of this at the ripe young age of baby, toddler, child, kid, teenager.  They didn’t ask for this life but were given it.  Why?  Because, God chose them. He knew they had the ability to live the military life and not falter but only become stronger.

As a parent, many would never imagine having to explain to your child that they will not be having ballet because of a government shutdown.  But, you tell them there’s no ballet and they may become upset but they bounce right back.  The military child lives a life of constantly having to adjust to outcomes and decisions of others, and they are resilient. Military children are constantly saying goodbyes to neighbors, friends, teachers, grandparents, cousins, parents, aunts, uncles, (the list goes on) whether they are moving or because a visit has ended, and they do this over and over and over and over again.  As parents, you wait, because you know the tears are coming.  You know once again, you will try to explain why you have to say goodbye or why someone has to leave.  Just the other day, I found myself asking one of Charli’s best buddy’s mom how long they will be stationed here while crossing my fingers that they would be here long enough to start Kindergarten together.

You try not to be the helicopter parent but find yourself hovering at times because you anticipate the hurt and just wish the next tear would be the last.  After seeing your child sacrifice so much, you just want your child to get a “win” in life.  I was just explaining to Charli the other day that because she cries, does not mean she isn’t brave.  Military children are some of the bravest kids that I have met in my entire life.  I can only hope that one day, I have an ounce of their bravery in myself.  Many (including myself) will never understand the life of a military child.  But, a few things I do know about the military child is that through every transition, every goodbye, every tear cried, every question without a clear answer…they are resilient.  They are strong.  They are courageous.  They are simply exceptional.

***My prayer is that my kids were picked to live this life so that as many people in this world can see His love through them.  I pray that as they grow and mature, they use each and every relationship to plant a seed of faith.  That with transition after transition after transition they not grow weary but stay strong because the Lord provided them the strength.***

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