Mother’s Day – A note to the happy, the hurting, and the hopeful.

One happy child, one tired/mad child, and a mom that says “just take the picture quickly.”

Mom – a small word, only three letters but carries so much meaning. “Mom” is a word that at times can trigger stress, love, fear, hope, hopelessness, anger, and many other emotions both positive and negative. In the same way, Mother’s Day can bring on different emotions for such a wide array of people. So many feel emotions on this holiday… the stay-at-home mom (SAHM), the working mom, those who have lost mothers, the mother who has lost a child, the single mother, the mom who’s significant other is TDY or deployed, the person struggling with infertility, and the expecting mom. There are some that are happy, some hurting, while others are hopeful…

To the stay-at-home mom…I remember back when I worked thinking that if I were to be a SAHM mom, I would be the fittest mom, have the cleanest house, cook the best meals, etc. Well, God laughed at me and then put me in a position to be a SAHM. Being a SAHM has been one of the biggest challenges for myself in MANY ways.  I find myself questioning “Am I doing this right? What is right? Am I making the behavior(s) worse? But, she needs to know that no means no, right?” ———  To the working mom…the mom that gets the kid(s) up and out the door and has to hand your child/children to a worker or friend for the day then go on to work a full day only to return home for evening activities, you too are phenomenal. Emotions come with working as well that many stress over, “Am I missing out on my child’s milestones, Is that meltdown going to ruin his/her entire day?” But, don’t dwell on this. Satan has a way of making a person question or doubt circumstances, most prominently when you’re doing a wonderful job. I say this because whether you’re a working mom or a SAHM, you’re doing good momma. Not just good, but you’re doing great because you do what you do out of the love for your family. ALL of it is hard, but it’s the best struggle. I remember thinking, “Why didn’t my mom prepare me for the stresses and struggles?” You know why she didn’t, because she did all of it out of love. You somehow forget the stresses because the blessings override them. So whether you’re a working or SAHM, it’s all hard and you’re all nailing it in the mom world.

Now, to the single mom…YOU ARE AMAZING. Some may know that my mother raised all five of us as a single mom from when I was about Jr. High age. That struggle is REAL. Some of you may have help from family/friends and others may not. You’re probably tired, exhausted, drained, but you keep going because you love your children. Some days, you feel like throwing your hands in the air and giving up, but you don’t because you love your children. You may not feel like anyone sees all that you do, but we know. We know this is hard and find it truly inspiring and unbelievable that you do this on your own. And if your dad is a single dad, IT’S OKAY TO CELEBRATE HIM TODAY TOO. He’s taken on both roles so give him another day as well. Maybe just a hug and high five then telling him thanks will make him smile.😉  So, to the single mom, you are brave and truly amazing to juggle everything that you do every. single. day.

To the mom who’s significant other is TDY or deployed…you may be thinking “Another holiday, alright shake it off now let’s get the kids fed.” It may just be another holiday on your own but you mean so much more to your family than you realize. Heck, you mean so much more to me than you realize because you’re probably my neighbor who I find hope and inspiration from. So even though you may not hear it often, you’re a huge piece that holds the entire puzzle together and we are in awe of your strength and grace while doing so.

To the ones hurting and hopeful… One thing my mom always tells me is that no one can tell you how you should feel because your feelings belong only to you. There are many hurting today. Some because it is their first holiday without their mother, some because they lost a child, and others because they want to be a mother so badly it hurts. Try to remember, we see you, and you are not forgotten. We know this is hard and our hearts hurt for you. While it is hard for many to fully understand the specific situation, just know that with each storm comes a rainbow (that’s from a Dove wrapper 😉) but it is true. Your rainbow is coming and it may take longer than others but it will show. Rest in knowing that while everything seems to be falling apart, God is constant.  He’s here and he knows your heart.  I know it may not fix the sadness or despair, but remember your rainbow is coming and it’s okay to hurt.

Happy mother’s day and hope everyone’s day is filled with rainbows and if not today, try to remain hopeful that your rainbow is coming.  I specifically want to say…Happy mother’s day to my wonderful, courageous, strong mother.  Through all the struggles and difficulties, she continued to cling on to her faith and teach all five kids (and now grandchildren) that when everything seems to be falling apart, GOD IS STILL STANDING.

“A woman who honors the Lord deserves to be praised.” — Proverbs 31:30