Find Your Crew


Life wasn’t meant to be journeyed alone.  I say that because we all need a “crew.”  Whether it is one crew, several different crews, a big crew, or a small crew…everyone in this world deserves one.  Finding a crew sometimes requires being brave and stepping out of your comfort zone, but the destination is worth the journey.

The last time I had my computer open before this post, I was beyond nervous because it was almost time to get up in front of thirteen people I hadn’t known for even 24 hours, plus an instructor to teach a track from the Les Mills Bodyflow release.  Some were already instructors, some had never taught a class in their life (I was one of those).  Though, I walked into that room initially with fourteen strangers, I walked out with fourteen crew members.  I was in a room with fourteen cheerleaders, fourteen people that wanted me to succeed just as bad as I wanted to succeed.  I was only with them for 48 hours, but meeting each and every person left a lasting impact.

Be that person in life who makes a lasting impact in a positive way.  With so much negative, be the good. Remember, we are only here for a moment so try to make the best of every single second you have.  Life is just a vapor.  Find your crew, your cheerleaders, your motivators, your uplifters, and try to be the same for them.

I will post more details about this journey to become a Les Mills BodyFlow instructor, once it is all said and done.  I still have a one hour class to teach, film, and send in for assessment.  Will have several shout-outs to many that encouraged and supported me to take this leap out of my comfort zone because it definitely takes a village along with several “crews” to make things happen.


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